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Sienna Alfano

A Talented Young Author

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The Mysterious Notes

March 2020

When Sara Stoneshelf keeps finding notes in unexpected places around her hometown in New York, she starts to wonder who these notes are coming from. Each note contains a clue that sends Sara on a wild-goose-chase around New York. Will Sara find all the notes in time for her birthday? In this wonderful weave of mystery and adventure, children and adults of all ages will delight in reading the notes and being a detective.

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 The Mysterious Notes

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About Me

Storyteller at Heart

I am seven years old and have been writing short stories such as, “The Flying Refrigerator” since the age of three. I'm an avid reader who enjoys mystery novels such as Nancy Drew, which was the inspiration for my first book, The Mysterious Notes. I started writing The Mysterious Notes at the age of six. In my spare time, I love to recite poetry, ride my bike and bake with my Mum. I live in Sarasota, Florida with my Mum, Dad and my huge collection of books!

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An Interview With Sienna

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What inspired you to write?

My love of reading from a young age has inspired me to translate ideas onto paper. I wrote my first book at the age of 3 called The Flying Refrigerator.  This book  was inspired by our own refrigerator which was making a sound that reminded me of a rocket about to blast off! Reading mystery novels such as Nancy Drew and finding surprise notes in Easter eggs inspired me to write The Mysterious Notes; I thought it would be fun to play a twist on those concepts in this story.

What would be your advice to aspiring writers?

I would recommend that you keep a daily journal with all the interesting things your day entails. Also, try keeping a dream journal which you write in when you first wake up. Then, add a touch of your own imagination and you'll be on your way to some fabulous story writing!

What are you writing about now?

I'm working on a story which will see Sara embark on another mysterious adventure, so stay tuned for that! I have recently acquired an old typewriter which I'm using to create Improv Poetry ~ you give me a subject, and I'll write you a poem. I now have a collection of about 100 poems based on different subjects or topics.

Sienna's Book Interview on ABC 7

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"Never let fear overcome your dearest wishes"

Sienna Alfano

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